Facial Filling

Facial filling consists in injecting, with a very small needle, an implant material into the trough of a wrinkle to fill it and diffuse it. It can be carried out with permanent materials (which last around two years) or with reabsorbable ones (whose effect disappears after six to twelve months), but always by a specialist doctor.

The doctor may decide to use local or topical anaesthetic, depending on the area to be treated and the patient. It must be noted that the treatment basically hides expression lines (smile lines, etc.), thereby giving a more youthful appearance, but it does not eliminate flaccidity nor enhance skin tone. It is therefore advisable to combine this medical treatment with other cosmetic ones such as diathermy (CEYA),facial mesotherapy or face masks.


Kinds of Facial filling
There is a wide range of facial fillers that all come from distinct origins (fat extracted from the patient, hyaluronic acid). Your doctor will be able to tell you which is best for you. The Fillers are divided into 2 big groups: reabsorbable and permanent. The first group usually has a duration of between 5 and 8 months and the second group normally lasts for over 20 months, although this does depend on each patient.

Will I feel any pain?
Although the treatment is not painful the pinch of the needle can be quite discomforting. In cases when the area to be treated is large, then it is normal that a local anaesthetic be given. 

Will the skin be red after the treatment?
Yes the skin will experience reddening but after a few days it will completely disappear. With a little bit of make up you can hide the redness perfectly.




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