Facial Surgery

The passing of time, force of gravity, excess of sun, stress... all of these factors cause our skin and facial muscles to fall and lose tone. Plastic surgery cannot stop the clock but some operations can certainly turn it back some years. 


What is it?

Lifting is one of the techniques that allow face rejuvenation. Sometimes it is combined with other surgeries, like facial lipofilling (Facial Coleman), suitable to restore the fat volumes lost throughout the years. 

Who is a good candidate to undergo this intervention?

Aimed especially to men and women over 40 whose face and neck begin to drop but whose skin still preserves elasticity. This intervention is also indicated to those who, although younger, have developed premature wrinkles due to genetic factors or due to a greater muscular activity. The majority of patients range from 40 to 65 years of age. But the most important factor is not age but the state of their skin: this intervention is aimed to those people with an aged, flaccid skin, or with wrinkles in all their face.

What is the intervention about?

The exact location of the incisions and the steps of the surgery vary a lot depending on the face structure. The technique consists basically in relocating the muscular layers, skin and fat, removing the spare tissue through and incision that habitually starts in the temple area (inside the hair) extending through the natural lines existing in the ear and going all the way to the lobe, behind the scalp. In this way, the scars are perfectly camouflaged. When the neck requires a special treatment, it is necessary to make an incision right under the chin. 

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalization

Depending on the treatment’s intensity, the whole procedure usually lasts from three to five hours. It is done under general anaesthesia and, although it is enough with one, we recommend a stay of two nights at IM Clinic. 


Recuperation after a facial lifting is very quick and not painful at all. The scars are practically unnoticeably and will become invisible over time. Regarding results, they become apparent 10 to 15 days after the intervention, are excellent and durable. Although time will not stop, you will always look younger than what your chronological clock indicates.

Postoperative recommendations

All the people that undergo a surgery, whatever it is, become easily tired. That is why we recommend that some close person take care of them. On the other hand, your look, initially, will not be what you expected, your face can swell and even some bruises might appear, apart from feeling your skin asleep. But in a few days everything will improve and in the majority of cases, you will be able to go back to your routine in 10 days or two weeks max. 


Does facial expression change after a lifting?
No. This surgery allows removing the leftover skin and repositioning the facial musculature, but always trying to maintain the patient’s natural expression. It is true that certain famous people (actresses, singers, etc.) that have an artificial expression, but this is, mainly, as a consequence of abusing of rejuvenating surgeries, and not the technique itself. 

Being a smoker can affect the result? 
Yes. Consuming tobacco affects especially the cicatrization and the post surgical recuperation. That is the reason why before undergoing any plastic surgery intervention, especially in the face, you should quit smoking or, at least, reduce it drastically.  



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