Female Transsexual

Before undergoing a gender reassignment procedure, certain requirements must be met, since the changes that the patient will experience are irreversible. These requirements are:

  • Being of full legal age; 
  • Having contact with a psychologist to rule out any temporary psychological condition and to certify that the patient is suffering from a real transsexual process;
  • Possession of a certificate issued by a mental health professional (psychiatrist or psychologist) confirming the diagnosis of real transsexuality (an indispensable legal requirement for carrying out the procedure);
  • Having received hormone therapy, supervised by an endocrinologist, for at least nine months prior to surgery;
  • Signing a release document (a copy of which can be requested) which provides information on the irreversibility and possible complications of the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be able to have my first sexual experience with penetration?
It is not advisable to do so until after a minimum of two months following the operation. Furthermore, we advise that the first time you have sex, you should do so with a partner who is aware of your personal situation. This will help to assure you have a painless and satisfactory first experience.

When can I go back to playing sports?
The time required depends on the sport that you play, for example, recovery times will be different for yoga, cycling and horse riding. It is preferable to consult with your surgeon, but rest assured that IM Clinic will provide you with a list of popular sports and the approximate waiting time recommended before returning to the sport of your choice.

Can I stop taking hormones after the operation?
For most patients, the intake of hormones will be necessary for the rest of their lives. The dose will be modified and reduced following the operation but always under the supervision of an endocrinologist.

Once I have undergone the Vaginoplasty, how long do I need to wait before changing my name and sex in the civil registry?
The legal formalities required for the name change can be started from the moment you enter the hospital. Our medical team will provide the patient with the necessary surgical reports and documentation necessary to make the changes.

Do I need to go to a gynecologist after I have had the operation?
The new vagina has completely different characteristics to that of a natural vagina, so it is not exposed to normal gynecological disorders like those experienced by biological women. Moreover, there is no uterus, ovaries or cervix so again you do not need a regular review by a gynecologist. However, we would recommend you arrange a consultation with the plastic surgeon for a routine check-up.

Will I have to perform self-examinations and / or mammograms to control any possibility of breast cancer?
Breast cancer is very rare in female transsexuals, but the long and continuous intake of hormones may cause changes in the mammary gland, so it is advisable to have a periodic check-up with your gynecologist.

Do I need to arrange check-ups to examine the prostate?
With the hormone therapy given to patients, the prostate size decreases considerably after a few years and in many cases, it can disappear, so chances of prostate cancer are practically zero. Although the chances are slim it would be a good idea to have a PSA check-up once you reach 50 years old.



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