Forehead Lift

The forehead or eyebrow lift is a procedure designed to lift and tighten the skin on the forehead to eliminate or reduce wrinkles in this area, around the eyes and in the glabella (the smooth prominence between the eyebrows). It is also used to raise the eyebrows a little and give the face a younger appearance.

Aimed particularly at patients in their 40s and older, this procedure is also performed on those who, although younger in age, have developed premature wrinkles because of genetic reasons or due to an intense muscular activity.

The brow and eyelid lift is a short operation that generally lasts one or two hours and which is carried out under either local anaesthetic plus sedation or general anaesthetic, in accordance with the circumstances of each case. It should be noted that there may be a temporary change in the patient´s sensation of the scar area, although this should gradually return to normal.

This kind of surgery is very popular and highly requested, as its results are very satisfactory and any associated swelling or discomfort tends to disappear after around a week. After about ten days, patients can return to work and after three or four weeks they will be able to appreciate what their definitive appearance will be like.




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