Genetic Diet

Not all foods are suitable for everyone, so people's diets need to be adapted to their body's needs, catering for their own individual tastes, level of physical activity, age, food allergies or intolerances, state of health and so on. But in particular, it must suit their genetic needs. This is because the genes you inherit make up between 25 and 40% of the factors that make you inclined to become obese, for example, and they are largely responsible for your appetite patterns or the way in which your body uses the foods included in your diet.

In the Weight Control Unit we provide individually-tailored diets based on both patients' needs and their genetic make-up. Using a genetic profile study and an anthropometric analysis, a pattern is drawn up of the patient's needs and how their body absorbs various foods. This pattern forms the basis for guiding them towards a healthy, specific and individualized diet, so they can achieve a suitable target weight, improving their health and their quality of life.




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