The ginecomastia is the anomalous growth of one or you suck both in the man, giving an aspect made effeminate to the pectoral masculine ones. This problem concerns good part of the masculine population and can owe to an excessive growth of the mammary gland or to an excess of fat in the zone. They are different cases, the first one he is called ginecomastia and the second pseudoginecomastia. Also they can give him both disorders in the same patient.

The ginecomastia is the most frequent mammary masculine anomaly in the masculine sex and in 80 % of the cases it concerns both breasts. In 75 % of the cases it appears of spontaneous form and without apparent reason during the puberty and is in the habit of disappearing once this vital stage has excelled itself. In 25 remaining % the reasons are in the habit of being diverse, but the most habitual is the consumption of certain medicaments or endocrine problems.

The intervention to correct the ginecomastia consists of the extirpation of the remaining mammary gland across a small incision of the areola. It is in the habit of being practised by general anaesthesia, though if the zone to treating is reduced one can use local anaesthesia with sedation. When also one gives an accumulation of fat in the chest, one advises to fulfil together a lipoescultura of the zone. The result the pectoral some are more road surfaces, flat and masculine.




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