Hand Rejuvenation

The hands are constant exposed to external aggressions that produce to them deteriorations to which it would be necessary to add the inevitable passage of time. All this can make the skin of the hands dehydrated, dries, with cracks or spots, reducing the oily subcutaneous fabric, provoking this way a few aged and unprotected hands. 

To use habitually a good specific cream that nourishes the skin is essential, as well as to realize of periodic form treatments based on exfoliation and nutrition with essential oils and specific masks. But also it it is to come to a professional to obtain a deeper medical treatment.

The medical rejuvenation of hands is a treatment that combines a chemical peeling, which exfolia the skin of the hands in depth at the time that it revitalizes her, with mesoterapia they nourish her, they hydrate it, protect her from the free radical ones and rejuvenate them. The hand mesoterapia is a minimally invasive treatment that consists of a few practically painless microinjections of the back of the hand that they contain a combination of acid hialurónico, vitamins (principally A, C and E) and other essential complexes. For the elimination of spots in the hands produced by the passage of time or by the photoaging, a treatment advises itself with IPL AFT or with laser ablative, depending on the characteristics of the spots and on the condition of the skin of the patient.




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