Labia Minora Reduction

The labia minora are found inside the vulva, protected by the labia majora, from which they do not protrude. They are red in colour and have a moist appearance. This gives the vagina the external appearance of a cleft or crack. However, many women, both young and old, suffer from abnormal growth of the labia minora which means they protrude from the labia majora, causing functional, hygienic and aesthetic problems.


There are a number of reasons why this may occur, which include:

  • Hormonal imbalances in puberty
  • Taking different types of medicine
  • Microtrauma in the area caused by certain types of sport
  • Multiple childbirth

However, it must be said that the reason is usually unknown, since most patients do not fall within any of the above categories.

When the labia minora protrude beyond the majora, they become damaged by rubbing against clothing, different kinds of movements, exercise, etc. This is why hypertrophied labia minora take on a cracked, blackened appearance, making them looked aged and/or deformed, which can cause those suffering from them complexes. It is also common for this hypertrophy interfere with both patients’ sexual relations and their personal and intimate hygiene.

Surgery as a solution

Surgery reducing the labia minora, which is called reduction labioplasty, is carried out under local anaesthetic and on an outpatient basis, although most patients are slightly sedated to make them comfortable, relaxed and calm during the procedure. The procedure is short, and following it patients can return home.

Patients can quickly return to work, although it is always advisable to rest for the first 24 hours. Stitches fall out on their own some two weeks after surgery, and patients can enjoy normal sexual relations after around a month, although it takes approximately six weeks for swelling in the area to disappear completely and for it to take on its definitive appearance.




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