Lip Enharcement and Argmentation

Augmentation cheiloplasty is the technique of increasing the volume of the lip. It is aimed particularly at those whose upper lip has lost volume and flattened over time, losing its characteristic shape. Although the best-known and most frequently type of cheiloplasty is the augmentation version, the opposite procedure also exists, and consists in reducing the size of the lips, above all for patients who have experienced excessive augmentation with permanent substances.
Currently, thanks to progress in techniques, lip augmentation can be carried out during an authorised consultation. Only in a few cases is the procedure carried out in an operating theatre in a hospital. The most common lip augmentation techniques are the use of fat grafts, collagen implants or a hyaluronic acid compound.

The procedure generally lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and is normally carried out under topical or local anaesthetic, depending upon the patient and the surgeon’s preferences.
Recovery is almost instantaneous and the results are immediately apparent. It must be noted that neither collagen nor hyaluronic acid are permanent and are reabsorbed over time. In the case of collagen, the procedure must be repeated every six months, although if hyaluronic acid is chosen, the effect may last for more than a year. 




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