LIPOCONTOUR Láser Yag 1440


What is it?

3D liposculpture is a step further in understanding the silhouette as a whole and not only focused in certain points. It is necessary when there are clusters located in different areas and it helps acting on the entire body contour, focusing in all the localized fat clusters and achieving a more defined and harmonic silhouette.

A great development that has added to this concept has been the introduction of laser in this plastic surgery, which is currently known as Lipocontour (Laser Yag 1440). This technique helps the surgeon melting the fat before extracting it, which allows him extracting a bigger quantity of fat, helping also its extraction. But it also helps improving the skin’s and the underlying tissues elasticity. It also provides a better skin firmness favouring the skin’s retraction or stretching, avoiding the possible flaccidity that might appear. 

Who is a good candidate to undergo this intervention?

This kind of intervention, which is intended to modelling the figure and not to lose weight, is aimed to those people who are within a normal weight given their physique.

Those people who have undergone any surgery on the affected area or who have a weak blood flow will have to avoid the Lipocontour Yag 1440 Laser.

What is the intervention about?

It is a step beyond traditional liposculpture, as it is combined with our CELLULAZE laser with the Cynosure brand, the only treatment which removes cellulitis in one session. It increases the skin’s width and provides the treated skin a long-lasting softer and healthier look.   

Duration, anaesthesia and hospitalization.

Lipocontour has a variable duration, depending on the areas and the quantity of fat to be treated. The average duration ranges from 1 to 3 hours

if practiced on a large area, which is habitual, as it is the more comfortable option for the patients, the anaesthesia is then general.

The ingress is, as a general rule, for one night, although it can be considered in some cases and for the patient’s comfort, extending it for two nights


Lipocontour’s results will be visible gradually, will start showing 1 or 2 months after and will not be fully appreciated until six months after the date of intervention. Although some people think differently, liposuction’s results are permanent, if we keep a healthy alimentation and practise sports after the intervention. 

Postoperative recommendations

One of the advantages of the new Lipocontour Yag 1140 Laser is that, even improving the final result and even improving the look of cellulitis, it does not suppose a bigger effort for the patient not in final costs nor in postoperative or recuperation. 



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