Miha Bodytec

MIHA BODYTEC is the first system of professional training by EMS Integral (Integral Muscular Electro-Stimulation) which trains the whole body simultaneously with a high muscle activation intensity without causing high joint loading associated with the usual training.

A 20-minute weekly session gets equivalent results as 4 hours of conventional exercise.


Among the benefits, we can find that MIHA BODYTEC reduces fat and volume, increases power, endurance and flexibility, tones the body contour, improves athletic performance and achieves your ideal body.


Here are 10 reasons to check:





- Intensifies muscle tension work up to 18 times more than conventional exercise and in just 20 minutes per session, enhancing and improving athletic performance.

- Indicated both in the high performance sport as in amateur sport, even in old age, because it does not cause joint loading.

- Improves strength, power, agility, speed and elasticity in addition to increasing the resistance.



- Reshapes body integral contour; improves cellulite, tones buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen.

- Promotes the production of collagen.

- Actively contributes to weight loss, body and abdominal fat loss as well.

- Prevents skin and muscle flaccidity during the thinning process.



- Increases the production of regenerative hormones in our body and increase our basal metabolism.

- Relieves muscle pain, especially back pain and speeds the recovery from injury or surgery.



- Enables a feeling of happiness by endorphin incensement, improves strength, power, vitality and resistance to stress and tension.




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