Mons Pubis Reduction or Liposuction

The accumulated fat in the genital area is sometimes excessive and, furthermore, refuses to disappear when weight is lost. This can cause abnormal rearwards displacement of the vagina, giving it an anomalous appearance and position. In such cases, the solution involves reducing the fatty tissue of the mons pubis (also known as the mons veneris).

Pubis liposculpture corrects this vaginal displacement and gives the area a more youthful appearance. The procedure involves carrying out a small liposculpture in the area to remove excess fatty tissue. It is quickly completed (lasting between 30 minutes and an hour) and is usually carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation, unless accompanied by further surgery such as more liposculpture, dermolipectomy, etc. In such cases, your surgeon will decide which kind of anaesthetic is appropriate.

If carried out on its own, recovery is swift, with little discomfort.




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