Otoplasty –or corrective ear surgery– is a technique that provides a permanent improvement for those with large or prominent ears or allows for a reduction in the size of the ear openings.

This type of procedure, which is carried out in a large number of cases on children aged between 8 and 14, is done on an outpatient basis and tends to last around an hour.
Although with adults it is carried out under local anaesthetic only, in the case of children it is preferable to combine this with sedation to ensure they are more relaxed.

Recovery is swift with rarely any discomfort. A return to normal everyday life can thus be made in only two or three days. Patients need to wear a bandage which will be removed 24 to 48 hours after the procedure.
Some bruising may appear on or around the ears, but this will disappear in about four days, either naturally or by following a topical treatment.
The aesthetic results can be appreciated almost immediately, although they can be seen much better after a few days, should there be some bruising. The scar, which is strategically hidden behind the ear, becomes imperceptible after a few months. 


Can be operated children?

Yes, In fact much of otoplasty patients are children between 5 and 15 years. The ears have almost fully grown when the child is approximately 4 years old. If the child can not get over the complex, the sooner he undergoes the operation, the better.
Otoplasty is an intervention that can be carried out on children, teenagers and adults. The results are as good in children as they are in adults. It is a very simple procedure and is normally carried out under local anaesthetic. 

What does otoplasty fix/correct; big ears or ears that stick out?

Both problems are candidates for an otoplasty...in fact there are more problems that just those, for example 2 different size ears, birth deformities etc.



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