Perineoplasty is a short procedure, which is usually performed under local anaesthetic and sedation to ensure the patient is relaxed during the entire process. It involves reclosing the musculature of the perineum to restore the area’s elasticity and original function.
Recovery is usually swift and almost free from discomfort, although patients should not put on too much weight or exert themselves physically during this period. Sexual relations can resume after a month.

The perineum is the stretch of tissue that runs from the vagina to the anus. When young, it has a V-like shape and a youthful, smooth appearance. During the dilatation prior to childbirth, the area changes to help the baby out, opening out from a ‘V’ to a ‘U’ shape.

For some women, this change does not revert post-partum, and they therefore suffer from a loose perineum, leaving the vagina too exposed. This can lead to problems of sensitivity, incontinence, infections and discomfort or pain during sexual relations. An episiotomy during childbirth can aggravate the situation.

Certain exercises can help improve the tone of the perineum’s musculature. However, when it has become destructured, these exercises do not achieve the desired result. When this occurs, and a solution is sought, surgery is the answer.




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