Poland Syndrome

Poland’s Syndrome is a rather frequent congenital defect that is characterized in women by asymmetry of the breasts as a consequence of the absence or underdevelopment of one of the breasts. In most common cases the affected woman is marked by underdevelopment of the pectoralis major muscle and breast tissue, having a smaller nipple and areola –or their absence- on one of the breasts.

The type of surgery that can improve such cases and achieves very good results is the bilateral transaxillary breast augmentation. The breast implants, which are the same as those used in regular breast augmentation, are different in size in order to achieve a symmetrical final volume and natural-looking results. Moreover, in some cases this procedure may involve the lifting or reduction of te developed breast. The Poland’s Syndrome in men can be corrected by means of pectoral implants and/or fat transfer (lipofilling).




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