Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive or restorative surgery is a surgery that helps to recover the image of the face or body area, which has been damaged for different causes (accidents, burns, trauma, tumors...).

In some cases of breast cancer, the solution to prevent the disease affecting other organs passes through the removal of one or both breasts affected. In these cases, new medical techniques have made ​​it possible for surgeons to create a breast that, both in form and appearance, look natural. The techniques are different, and reconstruction can be done by placing an expander, flap, thanks to stem cells or microsurgery.

In some cases of breast cancer in order to prevent the spread of the disease to other parts of the body, the solution is the removal of one or both breasts, that is, a mastectomy. The new medical techniques have made it possible for plastic surgeons to recreate a breast that both in shape and appearance looks natural. There are different techniques applied and the reconstructive surgery may be performed by using a tissue expander, tissue flaps, stem cells or microsurgery. There is continuous research done in medicine to achieve less traumatic surgical interventions with better results.

Does breast reconstruction surgery affects the evolution of breast cancer?
No. Although many women feel "fear" of returning to the area involved, there are many studies showing no link between the evolution of the disease with different techniques of breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

And can interfere in the treatment of the disease?
In these cases, surgery usually does not interfere with treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, in some cases is recommended to operate first (mastectomy and reconstruction) and treat later. 

Breast cancer exists in men?
Of course, but in a lower degree than in women. Of course, to a lesser extent than in women. Only 1 out of every hundred cases of this disease occurs in males. Both the prognosis and treatment is the same as in women, although they are usually detected later, because so few cases occur in, so we usually think before in other diagnoses.

Is it possible to rebuild even after along time since mastectomy?
Yes, there is no greater problem than submit again for surgery. Although it is always best done in a coordinated manner at the same time as the mastectomy surgery, mainly for psychological reasons of the patient.

After reconstruction, can you have mammograms?
Yes, if the doctor recommends to continue making mammograms. Be sure to find a radiology centre that specializes in making radiographies for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery and warn of this fact before having mammography. 


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