Reduction Mamoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty is an operation involving reducing the size and weight of the breasts and restoring their firmness. Aimed at women with overly large, drooping breasts who may also suffer from medical problems (including back and neck pains, breathing problems and skeletal deformities), the procedure may also reduce the size of the areola to ensure it is in proportion to the rest of the breast.

All those women who wish to breast feed in the short or medium term should bear in mind that it is better to wait for this procedure until they have completely finished breastfeeding.

Reduction mamoplasty is normally carried out under general anaesthetic and lasts around two hours, although it may take longer in certain cases. The most common technique in this type of surgery is to make an anchor-shaped incision following the breast’s natural lines, remove excess glandular tissue, fat and skin and move the nipple and areola to their new position.

After the operation, patients must wear a sports bra which will be replaced after a few days with a more flexible surgical bra. There may be some discomfort over the first week (slightly more intense in the first two days), and patients may notice a loss in sensitivity in the nipple and areola, which will gradually return. 


Does breast reconstruction surgery affects the evolution of breast cancer?

No. Although many women feel "fear" of returning to the area involved, there are many studies showing no link between the evolution of the disease with different techniques of breast reconstruction after mastectomy.
And can interfere in the treatment of the disease?
In these cases, surgery usually does not interfere with treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, in some cases is recommended to operate first (mastectomy and reconstruction) and treat later. 

Breast cancer exists in men?

Of course, but in a lower degree than in women. Of course, to a lesser extent than in women. Only 1 out of every hundred cases of this disease occurs in males. Both the prognosis and treatment is the same as in women, although they are usually detected later, because so few cases occur in, so we usually think before in other diagnoses.

Is it possible to rebuild even after along time since mastectomy?

Yes, there is no greater problem than submit again for surgery. Although it is always best done in a coordinated manner at the same time as the mastectomy surgery, mainly for psychological reasons of the patient.

After reconstruction, can you have mammograms?

Yes, if the doctor recommends continue making mammograms. Be sure to find a radiology centre that specializes in making radiographies for women who have had breast reconstruction surgery and warn of this fact before having mammography



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Reduction Mamoplasty

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