A rejuvenating technique employing an laser to significantly reduce localised wrinkling such as crows’ feet, frown lines, lower eyelid lines (but never bags under the eyes), lines around the mouth (laughter lines) and lip commissures.

Some people with fine wrinkling over their entire face can have the procedure carried out all over it, but they should bear in mind that although their skin’s appearance will improve greatly (being softer and smoother to the touch and offering a younger image), it will not give the same result as a facelift.

Laser is non-aggressive, but it should be borne in mind that it is an ablative laser, and is the ideal treatment for surface wrinkling, although it also significantly improves deeper ones.
Redness in the affected areas lasts for barely two to four days, although your doctor will tell you the treatment you should follow to improve more quickly. The result is smoother, less-wrinkled skin with no sun marks.

After treatment, the affected area should not be exposed to the sun, so it is best to undergo this treatment between the months of October and April. 


Is it painful?
Resurfacing with laser is carried out under local anaesthetic. Sometimes the client is sedated so as to avoid any discomfort during the treatment.

How many sessions do I need to undergo?
In the majority of cases only one session is necessary. However to improve the results, more sessions are advised. 

What side effects can I expect?
The side affects that you can experience are erythema (redness of the skin) but it will start to disappear after a few days. However, one can experience a change in the pigmentation of the skin but this is not normal when the treatment is carried out by a qualified professional.

When will I be able to appreciate the final result?
You should be aware that after a resurfacing treatment the skin will peel off and the area will be left completely red. In approximately 7 days the skin will start to reappear and it will be then when you can start putting make-up on so as to help hide the redness. It will take up to 5 weeks for the patient to completely appreciate the final result.




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