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IM CLINIC is a pioneering centre mainly dedicated to plastic surgery. In our work philosophy, a plastic surgeon has to be a technically exquisite professional but, at the same time, has to be able to link technical precision to artistic vision. Has to be able to create aesthetic harmony through science. On top of that, has to have a global idea of plastic aesthetic surgery, i.e., not only to be able to see the problem but also to be able to analyse the whole (the patient’s body) to find the best solution which will let our patient have more harmonic features and contour. The medical team of our Plastic Surgery Unit combines professionalism, specialized medical knowledge and experience as well as a great artistic capacity to get optimal results. 


IM CLINIC featured services

Plastic Surgery Unit

Aesthetic and Reconstructive

At IM CLINIC’s Plastic Surgery Unit you will find a team of professionals able to join their medical knowledge with their experience and a great artistic capacity. Because a good plastic surgeon has to be a technically exquisite professional who will combine technical precision with artistic vision.

At IM CLINIC our patient tells us his / her yearnings and expectations, our medical team analyses his / her contour and features to be able to, jointly, find the best solution which will allow reaching harmony and satisfaction for each one of our patients. 

Female Genital Surgery Unit

In the Female Genital Surgery Unit we offer a wide variety of procedures, which will lead to improve the aesthetics or functionality of the feminine sexual organs. This intimate surgery can be aesthetic, repairing or rejuvenating.

The appearance or functionality of genitalia, throughout history, have been, are and will be a very important aspect for women, so much for their sexual intercourses, their health, as well as their social life, as, in, many cases, they can affect the way you dress or avoid doing certain activities as practising sports or going to the beach. These problems, apart from causing discomfort, could lead to complexes, which cause insecurity and anxiety.

At IM CLINIC we offer a solution with professionals with years of experience, discretion and confidentiality. The Genital Surgery Unit team have been pioneers in this field, as they formed the first unit of this kind in Spain, more than 10 years ago.

Migraine Surgery Unit

Gender Surgery Unit

IM CLINIC’s Gender Unit is one of the most recognized worldwide due to its vast experience, the professionalism of its multidisciplinary medical team and the ongoing investigation in the field of transexuality or gender dysphoria they carry out.

On top of the different sexual reassignment techniques, we offer both male and female trans genders a wide range of treatments and procedures, both surgical and non-intrusive so they can accommodate their physics to their gender. 

Aesthetic Health Unit

Beauty without surgery

‘A beautiful body promises a beautiful sour’ sentenced Socrates.  Without going as far as the famous Greek philosopher, we can guarantee that health is a state of physical and mental wellness. If we feel comfortable with our appearance, we feel comfortable with ourselves. This is aesthetic health: taking care of your external image helps improving your inner equilibrium.

In IM CLINIC’s Aesthetic Health Unit we carry out customised programmes, based on a precise diagnosis with the help of the latest technology. All this put together turns into optimum results and our patient’s satisfaction. 

Laser Unit

In IM CLINIC’s Laser Unit you will find one of the most advanced and solvent laser platforms available nowadays. That allows us to get the best results in the shorter time. It is IM LASER TECHNOLOGY, with an intelligent control system, that allows us to offer a wide range of treatments, going from face and body rejuvenation, definitive depilation, definitive scar, varicose veins and cellulitis removal in a fast and painless way.

Nutrition or Dietetics Unit

Our diet is one of the main tools we have to prevent diseases, our organism’s oxidation as well as keeping an appropriate weight and enjoy energy and health.

In IM CLINIC’s Unit of Nutrition and Dietetics we have two main tools to make our nutrition efficient and a mean of taking care of our weight and health: The Active Cellular Nutrition and Genetic Dietetics that, together, will allow us to adapt our patient’s nutrition to their organism’s genetically unique and real needs.

Moreover, thanks to our nutritional coaching, we can help our patients in getting good nutrition habits and a new attitude towards food that will help them achieving a healthy weight and an efficient nutrition. 

Dental Aesthetics Unit

In IM DENTAL, we take care of your smile. In IM Clinic’s Dental Unit we offer the most efficient treatments and the most solvent techniques to beautify your smile, through a dental rejuvenation, gum remodelling, dental implants or veneers.

We use our smile daily as a part of our language to express joy, courtesy, friendship, happiness… taking care of it throughout our life is a warranty of health, but it also makes us feel comfortable with our physical aspect and, therefore, more self confident. 

Dermopigmentation Unit

Dermopigmentation is a technique which allows to beautify our features, both face and body, through the use of mineral pigments. In IM CLINIC’s Dermopigmentation Unit you can highlight your cheekbones, remark the shape of your eyes (eyeliner), draw the contour of your lips… in a natural and lasting way.

But on top of that, our medical dermopigmentation service can complement the plastic surgery treatments, offering a wide range of repairing and reconstructive services aimed, mainly, to give a natural and beautiful aspect to a face or body feature that has been damaged by an illness, traumatism or accident. 

Fitness Unit

In IM CLINIC, health, beauty and physical activity are closely linked. We know that finding the motivation, goals and the appropriate exercise adapted to your specific needs is not always easy. 

That is why in our Fitness Unit we offer our personal training service so you can always count with the advice of a qualified professional who will help you reach your personal goals, even if they are related to your fitness, your body or your quality of life.

Our personal trainer will be a guide who will support you, give you advice and push you to reach your goals, with health and following a customised programme so you will be able to reach your targets quickly, safely, efficiently and well kept. 

Active Longevity Unit

IM CLINIC has the first unit in Spain specialized in treatments linking genetic studies with regenerating longevity. Life expectancy in western countries exceeds 80 years of age and people keep on feeling young beyond 50. That is why in the Active Longevity Unit different personalised treatments are carried out to extend an active and healthy maturity. Because to IM CLINIC longevity does not mean old but health and vitality.

"Living more years should also mean living with more quality of life, with our body being able to respond to our brain’s needs.” (Ivan Mañero, MD.)

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