Twins’ Prothesis

The twins' increase is an intervention destined to give a major volume to the zone to the excessively thin calves. Habitually this intervention was indicated in persons by some type of congenital malformation in the legs, which should have suffered some type of injuries or accidents in the zone or which suffer certain diseases. But also there can surrender to a twins' increase those persons who for his physical constitution do not manage to develop or muscular this zone of the legs.

The surgery consists of inserting a soft implant (semisolid and not rigid) of united gel of silicone between the muscle and the skin, across a small incision in the later part of the knee. The anesthesia that is in use in the twins' increase depends on the circumstances of every patient, but there can be in use so much the general (when it combines with another surgery, for example) as epidural or place with sedation.




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